Production of products for CONSTRUCTION

Injection moulded plastic products manufactured by injection moulding technology.

We can provide injection moulding on an injection mould supplied to us, or we are able to prepare an injection mould according to the technical documentation. We operate advanced injection-moulding machines with a wide range of closing force: 420 t – 1100 t.  Utilizing a supplied mould we are able to produce any injection moulded product to the stated parameters.

  • We mainly process PP, LDPE, HDPE, POM and other materials (as requested by clients).
  • We also process regranulate from PP, PE, PE/PP (the recycling of internal / external production waste).


The principal advantage of such employment of plastics in construction is their sustainability, innovation, cost efficiency, facility to be recycled and low maintenance demands.

  • Tiles for exterior / interior
    • decorative tiles for terraces and patios, balconies, pergolas and gazebos
    • outdoor use in gardens, campsites and other outdoor areas
    • paving around swimming pools and hot tubs
    • upper protective surface for balconies and terraces
    • replacement surface for balconies and terraces with damaged original surface
  • Cooperative products (on the supplied moulds) – boxes + lids
    • we produce on moulds supplied by the customer
    • product weight in the range: 80 g – 3000 g