Procedure for thermoplastic injection moulding

Plastic in the form of granulate is placed into a hopper, from which it is removed a worm mechanism and carried on to a melting chamber where the plastic is exposed to friction and heating so that it is transformed into melt. The melt is then injected into the mould cavity so that the cavity is completely filled with the melt, which takes on the cavity’s shape. This is followed by a pressure phase with the aim of reducing shrinkage and limiting dimensional change. The plastic transfers its heat to the mould, and such cooling results in it stiffening into the final product. Finally, the mould is opened and the product removed. The process is then repeated.

Injection unit

  • Plastification chamber
  • Worm
  • Hopper
  • Nozzle
  • Drive
Control unit

  • CPU (central processor unit)
Closing unit

  • Fixed plate
  • Mobile plate
  • Ejection plate