Floor tiles

Our multifunctional plastic tiles feature the TERRASOL click-system and can used either indoors or outdoors; they are manufactured on injection-moulding equipment.
The floor tiles were developed in collaboration with the Swiss company Siltex.


Floor tiles

Product advantages

  • The Click System makes it simple to fit and manipulate the tiles.
  • Possibility of polishing.
  • Ease of care.
  • Coloured variates.
  • UV-stabilized.
  • Temperature resistant, no deformation under exposure to heat/cold.
  • Water drainage.
  • Resistant to most chemicals.


Technical information FLOOR TILES CLICK-SYSTEM
Material polypropylene
Size tile 380 x 380 mm
Thickness tile10 mm
Weight 2.45 kg/m2
Package 7 tiles = 1 m2
Load capacity up to 110 t/m2

Processed materials



  • Upper protective surface for balconies and patios.
  • Replacement surface for balconies and patios in case of damage to the original surface.
  • Decorative surface around swimming pools and other outdoor amenities.
  • Other utilizations according to customers´ needs.

Usage instructions

  • The tiles are loosely placed on an even floor – outdoors or indoors –  and connected via locking pieces on the edges.
  • They connect to each other by sliding into locking pieces situated at the edges of the tiles.
  • Package: 7 tiles/1 carton or 1 box.


Color collection


  • Leaflet Fatra TERRASOL
    • Leaflet Fatra TERRASOL



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