Quality inspection

  • The high quality of our products and services is ensured through established quality and environmental management systems compliant with EN ISO 9001 and EN ISO 14001.
  • Continuous technical control of inputs and products.
  • Fatra works with multiple laboratories that cooperate with each other.
  • We carry out other tests and verifications in accordance with customers’ requirements at accredited/certified test facilities and laboratories.
Raw materials Products
  • Continuous quality of inputs – granulates, regranulates, reground materials, coloured master batches
  • Humidity, volatile substances, melt flow index, XRF analysis, ash content, polymer identification via DSC analysis, density, powder density
  • Test piece injection moulding with subsequent testing, Charpy notched impact strength, tensile tests,  CIELab colour tone
  • Visual characteristics and weight control
  • Inspection of complete semi-finished products
  • Laboratory preparation of injected test pieces to required recipes and subsequent characterization
  • Durability, tensile tests, weld strength and other tests as requested by  customers
  • Custom development to actual requirements