Application of a re-granulation line

One reason to utilize secondary raw materials (waste plastic) is the economical benefit, caused by reduced demand for materials and general cost savings because of cheaper inputs – recycled product / regranulates.
Using a higher amount of recycled product in a product as an alternative to primary resources usually leads to a lower final price, which contributes to better competitiveness of the product on the market.
Our new regranulation line, featuring the latest technology, also helps reduce the environmental burden, thereby protecting the environment.

  • We produce regranulates for injection moulding, blow moulding, and extrusion on modern regranulation lines.
  • Based on customers’ requirements, we can produce regranulates with the required melt flow index in various colours, including regranulates containing a filler compound.
  • Optional colouring of the regranulate or addition of additives directly in the production process.
  • Analysis carried out of a regranulate’s properties by our in-house laboratory; certificates for deliveries.
  • Fatra processes internal and external waste during production.
  • We offer plastic waste processing from the materials PP, PE, PP/PE, EVAC materials.
  • Option to buy out plastic waste.

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