Injection moulded plastic products manufactured by injection moulding technology.
We can provide injection moulding on an injection mould supplied to us, or we are able to prepare an injection mould according to the technical documentation.

We operate advanced injection-moulding machines with a wide range of closing force: 420 t – 1100 t. We are an established manufacturer of medium-sized products (boxes, tiles, etc.).
We are now able to offer production on large injection-moulding machines – e.g. for consumer goods (plastic components for washers/dryers, coffee machines etc.), the electronics industry (components for printers/copying machines, etc.) and the automotive sector (components for bumpers, etc.)

Product advantages

  • High quality finish of all products.
  • Favourable price due to efficinet production.
  • Flexible production and logistics.
  • Experience in automated mass production of large series.
  • Graphic design available for products.
  • Option for mould production according to requirements, including product development.
  • Option for injection moulding with moulds supplied by customers.

Processed materials



  • We mainly process PP, LDPE, HDPE, POM and other materials (as requested by clients).
  • We also process regranulate from PP, PE, PE/PP (the recycling of internal / external production waste).
  • We are able to process other materials suitable for injection moulding (PE, PS, ABS, POM, etc.) upon request.

Machinery equipment

  • 22 injection-moulding machine type – DEMAG, ARBURG, BATTENFELD, NEGRI BOSSI.
  • Locking force from 420 t to 1100 t.
  • Weight of mouldings: 80 g – 3000 g.
  • Supplementary equipment – robots and manipulators for automated production.
  • Moulds – we produce on moulds supplied by customers.
  • Option for assembly completion, automated serial mass-production.
  • Utilizing a supplied mould we are able to produce any injection moulded product to the stated parameters.



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